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Logo-EsqSuites-JPG-1.jpgOne of the greatest challenges for private lawyers beginning a career or starting their own practice can be finding clients and networking with the community.

ESQ.suites can help solve both of those challenges.

By renting shared office space with other established lawyers, you have the opportunity to network with people in your field just by showing up to the office.  Clients can be referred to you through the working relationship you will develop with others in the building.  Being part of a professional community helps offset the cost of renting an office by providing the invaluable experience of associating with others in your field.  Through the collaboration and sharing of expertise that becomes possible when you are near other lawyers, your business will be more profitable and likely to succeed.

“It’s more than just an office, it’s a way to grow your practice.”

Exterior-1.jpgESQ.suites has locations in Coral Gables and downtown Miami, Florida.  These locations are functional and convenient for your law practice and have flexible rental plans that will meet your needs.  Both buildings provide all the accommodations that you will need to run your law office, including mail, copy, and storage spaces, as well as receptionist services and conference rooms.Our downtown Miami location is just steps away from the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, and has 24 hour security as well as valet parking to make your life easier.  Our Coral Gables landmark location is within walking distance of the Miracle Mile and Central Business district and provides convenient parking for both you and your clients.

Class “A” plug and play amenities include fully furnished space with high-end modern desks and chairs, pre-wired for phones and computers, fully equipped kitchen with top of the line appliances, professional receptionist services, private offices with floor to ceiling windows, workstations for staff and legal assistants, unlimited access to conference rooms, lounge and juice bar, high speed internet, file and litigation war rooms, copy/printer/scanners, 24/7 building access, private parking garage and valet services.

Dowtown-Miami-Location-300x156-1When beginning a new law practice, or moving your current practice, it is important to think of what opportunities the location will provide to you.

ESQ.suites will give you the most valuable asset of all:  a professional community and opportunities to network and meet more clients.

The ESQ.suites Community consists of prosperous lawyers and practices, of which, there may be some that are more successful than yours.  While many would look upon this as a negative, the competition, can instead be leveraged to make you and your practice better and more profitable.

“Want to be more productive and increase your revenue?”

ESQ.suites makes it possible by helping you balancing the skills and expertise of your peers with your own.

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img_2262.jpgAlejandro E. Jordan, Esq. is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ESQ.suites, leading provider of shared office space rentals exclusive for law professionals, attorneys and lawyers in South Florida, Miami, Coral Gables and Downtown Miami.  Mr. Jordan has over a decade of experience in commercial lease negotiations for all property types, including office, shared office arrangements, multi-family, retail, and industrial properties.  His broad base of knowledge allows him to stay ahead of the game and keep abreast of the latest real estate issues and trends.

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