Did you know … Florida Home Buyers Can Pay Less With Commission Rebates

buy-direct-logo_600-300x167-1.jpegCommission Rebate Program to Florida Home Buyers – TheBuyerRebate.com Over the past ten years, the Internet has changed the real estate market drastically. Once upon a time, if you decided to buy a house, you’d have pretty much one route to take. You’d call up a realtor, preferably someone recommended by people you trust, and tell them you wanted to go house searching. You might start with a newspaper listing houses for sale or by driving through a neighborhood, but eventually you’d speak to a realtor and trust that person to do most of the work.

Online Research and Home Buying on the Rise

These days, a staggering 95% of people use the Internet to help find the right house, which means you – the buyer – can do a lot of the research all by yourself, finding houses for sale in your price range. If that’s how you’ve been doing most of your house-hunting so far, you may well ask yourself: why do you even need a realtor?

Brokers Still A Critical Part of Process

A real estate broker can still provide many necessary services, such as negotiating closing costs, reviewing the final contract, and acting as a go-between for buyer, seller, inspections, mortgage provider, and insurance. When it comes time to close, you probably want your own realtor there – but for the rest of it, do you really need one? Is it fair to pay a realtor when you’re doing half the work, the research, the comparisons and walking out to open houses, all of which you can do on your own there?

Florida Law – and Commission Sharing

Florida law does require brokers to collect a commission for their work. However, the law provides an exception where the broker can choose to share (or in this case refund) part of the commission to someone – like you – who did a lot of the work. This means that you still need to pay the full amount to the seller. Out of this full amount, the seller pays a percentage to the broker, to your broker (ie. The Buyer Rebate). We then pay an agreed-upon percentage (up to 50%) back to you – with full notification to all parties, so you know it’s on the up-and-up. For more information on how to spend less on your house, let’s talk!  Call, message, or come visit today at 305-859-3319, www.TheBuyerRebate.com.

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